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Freedom of expression unites us all.
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m o v e m e n t ae >#ambient, electronic


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s o c i o sono >#electronic, IDM


a world without family, friends or enemies.
there’ll be no crimes because there’ll be no criminals.
no one’ll want freedom because we’ll all be free.
no one’ll run away because there’ll be no place to run from.
loneliness and friendship will be one.
there’ll be no need for trust among people.
there’ll be no suspicions or betrayals.
[Tanin No Kao], Hiroshi Teshigahara

r o s a fiction >#idm, electronic

the t e c h n i u m >#electronic, experimental

o m e n t u m . space broccoli >#rock, sludge

bobby col >#blues, solo

r e s n u l l i u s project >#experimental jazz, new music

dean rondin >#noise, feedbak

r e i m e r >#acoustic, nylon

Thank you for listening. Mirrored here.

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